1. Registration

-> The registration menu will be updated

-> Please contact us to confirm your registration.

-> It depends on the conditions of the host country

-> It depends on the daily schedule of IRO. If you are able to prepare 2 events (or more) in a one day, It’s okay but we don’t give you any extra time.

-> Normally, the registration fee includes accommodations and meals but it can be changed.

2. Preparation

-> Yes, they have to bring their own laptops and robots for the competition.

-> It depends on the each of games. Specifically, You’d better check the latest rules for each game.

-> If you participate a game which you use a pre-built robots, you can bring your spare robots. But Both main and your spare robots should be confirmed by referee before match. If you want to use spare robot, you should tell the referee before the match starts.

-> For our next year venue, the proposal from candidate countries are now under consideration by the IRO committee. We will announce the venue for next IRO in a few weeks on our website in real time. (when we’re decided)

-> After consulting with our national partners, we will post a notice about the daily schedule of IRO in real time. Please visit our website to see our latest notices.

-> As agreed with each our national partner, it is not possible to change the daily schedule. However, If you want to participate 2 events in one day, It’s okay but we don’t give you any extra time.

3. Competition

-> We use to announce the registration time and entrance time for competition days. You’d better come to the competiton site thirty minutes before the registration time just in case. The organization will announce when you can enter the site exactly.

-> Only properly trained and authorized from IROC personnel should be a referee. All IRO games except the creativity category and Robot in movie will be judged by them. Creativity category and robot in movie will be judged by IROC professors.

-> Yes. It’s possible. They can watch the game in the stand we prepared. They can’t go into the competition site in any case.

-> No. You can’t eat anything in the competition site. But you can drink bottled drinks except canned, open cups.

-> No, The participants can’t talk to anyone in the stand after the game started. The parents and mentors can’t help the participants in any ways. (can’t give them anything)

-> There will be a medical kit for first aid treatment in the committee office. Please ask the nearest staff for help.

-> 1) If you participate a tournament game, you can participate the game when you arrive at the competition site before the draw. After the draw, you can’t.
2) If you participate a non-tournament game, you can participate the game when you arrive at the competition site before the mission has been announced.

-> Yes, they can go to the restroom during the competition but they have to go with the staff to prevent cheating.

4. Rules

-> Go to the ‘RULES’ menu. You can find the latest rules for IRO. It will be updated within 2 month before the competition. Click here to see our latest ‘Rules’.

5. Others

-> We usually prepare 1 day tour program, it could be different by some possibility. We will post a notice regarding this program on our website if we have.

-> It is impossible to reissue a certificate of award but we can give you a winning prize performance certificate(document).

-> We highly recommend you come to the competition site early to check your materials for the match. Nothing can be received from your mentors or parents after starting the match.

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